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About Australian Peacemakers

We are looking for people of strong character, who have a love for truth to join the Australian Peacemakers, as a unified community movement against world-wide government corruption.

We are witnessing the rise of tyrants and police units who frequently break laws at the state, federal and international levels.

Our movement aims to counterbalance these oppressive forces and to give back power to the people.

Members of this community are expected to diligently learn the basics of relevant law. Australian Peacemakers members are inspired to learn how to use the law and apply legal principles for the bettering of society.

If you hold the below values and have a desire to stand up for the truth; then we welcome you to join our movement.

Our Core Values

1.  Honesty: Being honest and trustworthy so as to promote a strong community.
Humility: Recognition of the values and merits of others. 
Vision: To see the best possible outcomes.
Diligence: Seeking knowledge and truth and being thorough in endeavours.
Courage: Being fearless in the face of adversity.
Integrity: Representing completeness in moral standing.
Justice: Let justice prevail.