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Help Fight Corrupt Police

On the 29th of May, 2021 in Melbourne, Victoria; my friends and I were unlawfully targeted, assaulted and arrested by Police. I spent 29 days in jail having committed no crime. I was released on bail with a gag-order and other conditions completely unrelated to the charges laid against me.

I am innocent of all charges and I believe I have an extremely strong case. I aim to argue my case and set a number of legal precedents which will change the way police are prosecuted, and how the bail

process is being used to silence dissent.

Something everyone can benefit from.

Creating new case law is not a simple task and I have engaged two of Australia’s most experienced and successful in this field – Lawyer, Bevan James and Barrister, Jerry Prus (QLD).

The process will take a year or more but will have lasting benefits for all Australians. This will be an extremely expensive exercise.

Without significant funding I will be unable to achieve the results.

I will not concede, neither will I will back down to these corrupt liars.

If you would like to help fund my quest, you can make deposit using the donation


Nick (Banjo) Patterson

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Time stamps:
-8:07 Direction to move on and excessive police presence.
-10:20 PORT block the footpath and force us onto the road, then they become violent. They were agitating us to react. You can also see the mainstream media with the police 10:58-13:07
-15:27 Police expose their original plan of picking off organisers.
-Police talk say that I am one of the organisers 17:35-18:28
-Police name me 20:41-20:48
-23:31 Police run across the road and assault my mate Jay.