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Help Fight Corrupt Police

On the 29th of May, 2021 in Melbourne, Victoria; my friends and I were unlawfully targeted, assaulted and arrested by Police. I spent 29 days in jail having committed no crime. I was released on bail, that entailed a gag-order against any political or covid speech and other conditions unrelated to the charges.

I am innocent of all charges, and I believe I have an extremely strong case. I aim to set several legal precedents which will change the way police are prosecuted, and how the bail process is being used to silence dissent.

View Police Correspondence Below
Image 1: Here are original bail conditions, which also entailed a $50,000 surety to have me released:

Image 2: Page 1 - IBAC Refer Investigation to Victoria Police to Investigate themselves
Adam, Jay, Sam and I all made a complaint to IBAC in the hope they would come to our aid.

Here is the correspondence Jason (the first one in our group who was assaulted by the police) received from IBAC 24 Oct 2022 where they handball the investigation of police corruption over to the police to investigate themselves.

Image 3: Page 2 - IBAC Refer Investigation to Victoria Police to Investigate themselves

Image 4: Page 1 - Police investigating themselves
Below is the outcome of the police investigation into their own criminal conduct.

Police investigating themselves is possibly the greatest conflict of interest there could be.

Not surprising that the police find no fault within their own ranks.

Image 5: Page 2 - Police investigating themselves
Image 6: Page 1 - Jason's response to bias investigation
Jason wrote this letter to the bias investigating officer in response to the obvious bias investigation made by Acting Inspector Geoff Joshua.

I believe Acting Inspector Geoff Joshua should be charged with perverting the course of justice.

Image 7: Page 2 - Jason's response to bias investigation


We are being vexatiously prosecuted by the same police who stalked and assaulted us, I received a horrific shoulder dislocation in the process and was put in jail for 29 days for the crime of being assaulted by police.

Our trial is on the 1st June 2023 at the Melbourne County Court 250 William Street Melbourne.

We are asking everyone to be at the Melbourne County Court at 9am on the 1st June.

Let's make some noise and change the corrupt system.

If you can spare some money to fund our legal fight, it would be greatly appreciated.


Nick (Banjo) Patterson

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Time stamps:
-8:07 Direction to move on and excessive police presence.
-10:20 PORT block the footpath and force us onto the road, then they become violent. They were agitating us to react. You can also see the mainstream media with the police 10:58-13:07
-15:27 Police expose their original plan of picking off organisers.
-Police talk say that I am one of the organisers 17:35-18:28
-Police name me 20:41-20:48
-23:31 Police run across the road and assault my mate Jay.