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Deanna Rae Parsons Rodriguez Victim Story

December 8, 2021
Survivor Stories
Project Millstone

“The Hollywood Experience”

Hi, My name is Deanna Rae’ Parsons Rodriguez and this is going to be a story that is although hard to believe, it will indeed change the way you understand the inner workings of the devil in Hollywood and the in world abroad.

NOTE: The devil, as well as the Illuminati and other cults underneath it, follow bloodlines, and mine being the Parsons bloodline, is what I believe is the reason for this entire experience I am about to share. (Parsons means Priests) You’ll understand why I am sharing this later in the story~

I grew up in a home where the only time God was mentioned was in a swear word. My dad was raised Pentecostal and both his aunts were Pastors and were both alcoholics and quite overly zealous, enough to make a young man decide God was not for him. So as a result, he raised us with no real knowledge of God or His Son Jesus Christ. My mother however, took a great risk in teaching my sister and I the “Now I lay me down to sleep” prayer for small children. When I was 8 years old my eldest half brother, from my mother’s first marriage had just gotten SAVED at a church he visited with some girl he was in love with. Anyway, it was a genuine experience for him and he turned around and shared it with me in secret because my dad would beat him if he found out. He called people like us religious freaks. I accepted the Lord as my savior that day, and immediately started to hear Him in my head. It became so frequent that I just thought everyone could hear God like I could. This child like relationship with the Lord continued in secret from my parents until I started to notice I had a certain power when it came to being attractive and its influence on the people around me. As a result, I began to pull away from God and focus more on my modeling career. Which brings me to our next segment in this story.

I began modeling when I was 15 years old, I worked in San Jose, San Francisco and the surrounding areas until I reached the age of 18 ,when I moved to HOLLYWOOD to further my career.

Things began to happen very quickly for me, doors were being opened in the industry left and right. It was frightening and exciting at the same time. Many famous people were seeking me out at nightclubs and restaurants to introduce themselves to me. I began to feel something come upon me that I had not felt before. It was pride, a deep self idolatry that was forming slowly by these new Hollywood experiences I was having. This ability that I had to control a room, or turn a head was really getting to my head and I started to actually believe that I was different. I was living with a girl at the time, an aspiring model named Linda, a beautiful girl that always struggled a bit with her weight, and was way too insecure for such an evil jungle. I am certain that my new found confidence made her feel all the more inadequate. We would go on modeling calls together and they would shower me with attention leaving Linda in the corner feeling like the fat girl in the room. She was not fat. I was becoming insensitive, it just brakes my heart to look back on it now.

Fast forward, I eventually was getting to a place were everything I would desire would happen, and it was beginning to get scary. The more things presented themselves to me, the bigger this hole inside my heart would grow. I started to slip into depression even though the party was always going on around me. My roommate Linda and I moved into an apartment right off Hollywood Blvd with her brother Louis and my ex boyfriend Jeff. There were 4 of us living together all trying to be famous, the boys were wanna-be rock stars, and of course Linda and I the models. I was starting to become reclusive and not going out as much because people only followed me because they knew where I was, the famous people would be. I was becoming more and more disconnected with everyone around me, and I began to call out to the Lord. I prayed “Lord send me someone, someone that will help me to know what you want from me?” I felt a bit empowered by the prayer so I decided to get cleaned up and go out and look for more work. I got dressed in my nicest outfit, applied my makeup with the precision of an artist and set out to find another modeling job. The minute I opened the door to my apartment complex, the cameras started going off. Tourists that were walking by on the sidewalk were snapping my picture in a frenzied manner. I posed a bit for them at the top of the steps and then bounced off in the direction of Hollywood Blvd with a nice new puffed up mentality. I was walking like I was on the runway or something and I noticed the entire boulevard had been shut off for the filming of a movie. There was a flat bed semi truck with a film crew, camera and director on it and they began filming ME as I was turning onto Hollywood Blvd. I felt this rush of self importance washed over me as I was walking, it was if the World was a movie and I was the Star.

Just as I was passing in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater’s famous “walk of fame” I crossed paths with a very handsome man with piercing green eyes that was walking in the opposite direction passed me. We, for an instant looked into each others eyes and it was so mesmerizing and oddly electric that I actually turned around to face him as he walked away and he turned around to, only he stopped and smiled at me. I feeling as if this was somehow more than just a fleshly tingle walked up to him and asked him quite frankly “Do I know you?” he said “Oh I don’t think so Deanna” I stepped back and asked him firmly “Then how do you know my name?” he said “I know so much more about you, than you could even imagine” I at this point am getting angry and feeling a bit curious at the same time. I asked him “what do you mean?” He began to unfold my entire life in a litany of facts,secrets and details about my childhood and my current situation, right there on the “walk of fame” Not a coincidence I realize later. I stood with my mouth open in just awe and shock, feeling this electricity running through me that I couldn’t explain and literally shaking in my patent leather pumps. He stands there just smiling and says “allow me to introduce myself, my name is Tony.” I said “Tony, HOW do you know these things about me?” he said “I have been watching you”. I ask “How?” he said “I have my ways”. I began to feel this strange feeling that felt like love welling up in my heart for this stranger that had just SEEN me so well, and I thought in my mind about the prayer I had just prayed to God to have Him send me someone to help me to know what I was to do. My mind went immediately to that he was an ANGEL! I asked him “did God send you to me?” he said “yes, I was sent to you.” So I begin to lower my guard which was always up with men, and he hooked his arm on mine and we began to walk together arm and arm down Hollywood Blvd. As we walked he shared with me why I was sad, and why I felt different, and why those around me couldn’t love me the way people that really could see me like he did could. The feeling of love in my heart began to grow and I couldn’t believe this supernatural experience was happening to me! He asked me as we walked, “Have you ever seen Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker video?” I, now sort of puzzled said “No.” He said “would you like to see it?” I said “sure.”

As soon as I said that ,we arrived at his car. It was a black jaguar with all the bells and whistles and he reached down and opened the passenger side door for me. I looked in at the leather seats and Bosk wood interior and just hopped in and melted into the luxurious seats. As he walked around to the drivers side to get in, I thought in my head “I think I love this guy!?” as soon as he got into the car and closed the door, he leaned over to me and put his hand on the headrest behind me and said “It’s okay if you love me.” Now, I am convinced this guy is from God, he is so handsome and those green eyes of his are wild! As we are driving to God knows where, he is telling me how Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones want to meet up with me later in the week, but all in due time. I became so excited, I was finally going to be doing what God wanted me to do, what he designed me to do. We arrived at the typical Hollywood mansion on the outside, lavish but not over the top. We enter inside and it is a disgusting display of wealth everywhere. Modern, almost more modern than the times we were living in. White was the dominate color everywhere, and there were bright neon lights that were hung like pictures hanging on the walls, like a bizarre neon gallery or sorts. One that stood out the most was a half moon and a star next to it in bright neon pink and green. Anyways, he walks me into the middle of the house and begins to tell me things that feel in my spirit evil in nature and it starts to scare me so I begin to pray to God in my mind. At this, he stops talking and looks at me firmly with disappointment in his eyes and says “Negativity! Negativity! you don’t trust me.” I feel ashamed that I am disappointing an angel of God so I stop praying and continue listening. He took a chair and placed it in front of a huge wide screen tv, like I said too modern for the time we were living in, this was 1988. On this huge wide screen tv that I was placed in front of, Tony put on a fashion show instead of the Moonwalker video by Michael Jackson he had promised. In this fashion show, were the most perfect looking people, perfect faces, perfect bodies, perfect clothes everything! I watched in awe and couldn’t take my stare away from it. This music was playing at a comfortable tone behind it all, it was the same words being sung over and over again. It was “Having it all, Having it all, Having it all” in such a melodious way that it felt hypnotic. He came up beside me and said “Do YOU want to have it all Deanna?” “because you CAN have it ALL and I can give it to you.” I look at him in fear and he says “you feel like you are being hypnotized, don’t you?”

I said “well yeah a little.” So he stopped the video tape and did some strange demonstration with his watch and a song that he had turned on from the radio. He told me that if I was being hypnotized, that there would be a laps not only in time, but in the song on the radio as well. So I believed him, I was only 18 years old, it sounded good! He turned my chair around to face him and told me things like woman have the ability to reduce a man to a piece of bread, and that not all people were created the same, some were more special like me. He told me that many people had noticed when I arrived in Hollywood and felt it was a sign. He told me that I always knew from the time I was young that I was different, and I had felt different my whole life. He said “I have many things to tell you before you meet the others, but you are not ready yet, you still don’t trust me.”and “if YOU tell anyone about our meeting together I will know, and you know I will know.” I asked “what do I have to do to prove to you that I trust you?” even though I didn’t fully and he knew it. He said “Stand up” so I did, he led me into the middle of the room again told me to stand still, he was going to do a thing he called the Brushing of the Serpent. At this my heart started to race and I knew this did NOT feel right but it was as if I couldn’t move my arms or legs, only stand there as he repeatedly walk around me in circles, each revolution bringing his body in closer to mine until he was nose to nose with me, pressed against my body. I felt paralyzed as if each time he walk around me, my ability to move or even talk became non existent. I was terrified because he started to lower my body to the floor almost effortlessly, it felt like I floated to the floor. He sat on my waist looking down at my helpless body on the floor, and leaned down and whispered in my ear “Don’t worry Deanna, I want something far more valuable than your body” and at this, the frozen feeling that had me gripped vanished and I was able to sit up on the floor and compose myself. I now am thinking this guy isn’t who he says he is and I begin to pray in my mind again to God. He says far more angry now, “NEGATIVITY! Stop that!” I said “what?” “Who ARE YOU exactly?”

He leaned forward from sitting on the couch in front of me and look down into my eyes and said “Deanna, do you know the story of Adam and Eve?” I said “Yes I do” he said “Well you are like Eve and I am like the Serpent.” at these very words out of his mouth, I shot up off the floor and said boldly “I am leaving now!” he said “calm down, you are NOT going anywhere” at this I did something I had never done before nor seen anyone do, since I had not grown up in church, I used the Name of Jesus.

I said “I am leaving right now in the Name of Jesus!” and I shot for the door and threw it open and ran as fast as my high heels would take me, down the hill into the city below. I had no idea where I was, but I was praying to God as I ran asking Him to forgive me for listening as long as I did. I ran and ran and miraculously found myself in front of my apartment that I shared with the others. I ran inside the building, straight to my front door and quickly locked it behind me and went straight into the bathroom and splashed water on my face and looked at myself in the mirror and said “This is only a dream, this is only a dream” just then the phone rings. I am thrilled that someone from the outside world is reaching into this surreal reality that I am experiencing and I rush to answer it. I pick it up and say “Hello?” the voice on the other end is Tony and he says “it’s not a dream Deanna” I screamed in horror and threw the phone on the floor and ran back into the bathroom and shut off the lights, sat in the fetal position on the floor in the dark crying and praying until hours later when my roommate Linda came home from work.

She came into the apartment (the boys were off at some music thing) and saw the phone thrown on the floor and came to look for me, only to find me in my sorry state on the bathroom floor. Now remember I have been, for hours mulling over the threat that Tony threatened me with about telling anyone about our meeting and I was terrified to tell anyone, but Linda came into the restroom with such love and concern for me that I told her “get in here and turn off the light.” she did as I asked and we were both sitting in the dark on the bathroom floor, and I proceeded to tell her everything that had taken place that day in detail. She believed every word! I cannot begin to tell you what it feels like to be in the middle of something so out of this world crazy and knowing that people are going to think you are crazy, and someone saying they believe every word, is like a lifeline that has been thrown to a drowning person.

We sat hugging each other on the floor not knowing what this means or what was next? but then the phone rang again and I scream at Linda “Don’t answer that! It’s him!” she says don’t be silly, it’s probably the boys needing a ride or something and she ducks into the living room to answer it. I hear her say “Hello?” then she says “yeah sure she is right here” and walks me the phone saying “it’s somebody from back home, they called you Dee Dee” now nobody I mean nobody called me that but my parents and my siblings, so I thought it was safe to take the call. I said “Hello?” and then Linda said my face changed like I was under hypnosis or something, but I do remember a bit of what was said so I don’t really know, the voice on the other end of the line was Tony again, (I don’t even know how he got my telephone number?) and he said “Deanna, you have three questions, at least give me the opportunity to answer them.” Linda said I was sounding robotic with yes, and no answers with no emotion. I remember Tony said “If you will give me the opportunity to answer these three questions for you, meet me at the front door of your apartment at 3:00pm tomorrow” and then he hung up. Linda, with complete confusion and curiosity, said “Who was that?” I said “It was him, Tony.” She said “What did he say, because you were acting weird?” I told her he said I had 3 questions that he wanted the opportunity to answer for me. She asked me “Do you?” I said “I don’t know, I am sure if I thought about it yes, don’t we all? She said “I suppose so, what are you going to do?” I told her how Tony said to meet him at 3:00pm tomorrow if I would let him answer them for me. So her and I out of just plain curiosity started to concoct a plan that now as I look back was very telling of our ages. We decided that I would meet with him, but at 3:00pm when Tony buzzed the buzzer outside the Apartment complex, Linda would chase our dog Carl (yes we had a dog named Carl) out into the hallway towards the front door and that way Linda could get a good look at him, in the event I turn up missing, she could identify him to the police. To us this sounded like a genius plan, that appeared safe and that appeased our curiosity at the same time. So the next day came and it went as planned, Tony buzzed the buzzer outside at exactly 3:00pm and I went toward the front door and Linda chased Carl out to the door just like we discussed.

Linda got to the door first and leaned down to scoop up Carl and looked up into Tony’s piercing green eyes through the glass door just as I am arriving to greet him. He holds the door open for me and takes me by the arm and escorts me to his car and places me inside. I look at Linda standing at the glass window of our complex, looking at me with fear in her face as we drove away. He says to me “I know that you told her” I said “Oh yeah” he said “that’s alright, she can know, Oh Linda, Linda, Linda, still so insecure about her weight” I knew in that moment he was trying to show me that he knew everything about her to, he confirmed it by saying “her mother has cancer you know? It will take her life” I said “really?” sort of in a sarcastic tone so as to not hear anymore about it. (Linda’s mother died of breast cancer weeks after this encounter by the way) I was prepared for this sort of supernatural stuff so I didn’t panic, I remained calm while we drove to the Sunset Strip to an indoor/outdoor restaurants called Chin Chin’s. When we walked in I noticed that there were famous people, peppered all throughout the place. I remember Farah Fawcett stood out and I think Ryan O’Neil was with her. It was all these older big timers from the era just before mine. Tony and I sat at a table that faced the Strip where you could watch people walk by. He began to speak to me in a soft and gentle tone saying “Thank you for coming” Now I had been just drinking water at this point and I started to feel strange, but I held myself together in this public place and continued to have a conversation with him, although some of the details of this conversation are a bit fuzzy but I will do my best to share what I do remember. He said “Every person has 3 questions” “Who am I? Where did I come from? And what am I here for?” I don’t know if he went down the line and answered them for me in order, but he said things like “Hollywood is the Modern Day Mount Olympus, where the gods dwell among us” he also said that I was a higher echelon of human being and that my purpose was very special. He said that ONLY I could fulfill this calling and I needed to think hard before saying no. He said things like “just look at these people, they are not like you” speaking about the passerby’s on the street. I kept telling him “I cannot do that” but he kept speaking to me softly. I honestly don’t remember much more other than somehow being back at the front door of my apartment complex and buzzing for Linda to let me in.

She asked about everything that had happened and I shared with her everything I could remember. She asked how I got home and I told her I didn’t know. I went into depression and extreme fear after this and stayed locked up in my apartment for weeks. It was the only place I felt safe, Tony told me that I was being watched and he kept calling and asking to speak to me and my roommates would just hang up. By this time all of my roommates are privy to what is going on with this man Tony, and we are all terrified. In fact the boys went to Catholic Mass and brought home palm branches to stick behind the crucifix they had on the wall. Nobody knew how to deal with what was happening to me. Things would move in the apartment all by themselves, mainly the phone, it would ring, and if we didn’t answer it the phone cord would start swinging back and forth on its own. He just wouldn’t take NO for an answer.

So I stayed hidden in my apartment while the others had jobs they had to go to and left me by myself during the day. One day I decide to get up the courage to order a pizza, to have it delivered. Our buzzer was not working on the front door from our phone so I knew I was going to have to leave my safe domain to venture to the front door to greet the delivery person. The guy arrives with my pizza, he is some large Rastafarian guy with dreads, I place a shoe in the crack of my front door because like a hotel these doors automatically lock behind you. I head down the hallway towards the front door, and I hear a sound, and look back to see my door slowly closing! Such a bummer! So I go to the front and I open the door for the pizza guy and he sees that I am obviously distraught and asks me in a very thick Jamaican accent “what is the matter?” I tell him “my front door just locked me out and there is NO WAY I am getting back in until my roommates get home later, because they have a large steel bar locking our sliding glass door in the back, and that is the only other entry.” He says “You on the ground floor?” I said “yes” he said “show me which little yard is yours?” going over to the side of the complex where the little fences that divided the tiny patches of ground they called backyards. I said “it is the 3rd fence in” and before the words are even finished coming out of my mouth this large man is jumping over the fence to get to my backyard. I am thinking to myself “this dude is crazy” there is NO WAY he is getting into that apartment. Within 2 minutes that large Jamaican man was opening my apartment front door and smiling at me while he held my door open for me. I was in complete shock! I couldn’t wrap my brain around it, how did he do that? and so quickly? I walked passed him into my apartment, and he stepped in and closed the door behind us. He said “I beg your pardon, do you have anything to drink?” I said “No, I’m sorry” as I walked him back to the door. He said “what about that lemonade you have in the refrigerator?” I stop and think to myself, “How in the heck did this dude have time to brake in past an impossible lock and have time to check my refrigerator in the 2 minutes it took him to open my front door?” I became afraid and he told me to “calm down” that he was there to help me. He started to talk about my recent encounter with Tony, and I was strangely relieved that he knew about it all. He said that He worshiped Jah and that he was going to protect me in a way, if I remember right.

He sat at my kitchen table while he drank his lemonade and told me other things that I know the Lord has erased from my memory but he handed me $300 dollars saying this was to help me, and that I would see him again, and then left my apartment, with me feeling even more confused than I was before. Later that night, at 3:00am in the morning (notice repetition of the number 3) We are all awoken by a loud pounding at the door, it was him, the Jamaican pizza delivery man, and he was demanding his money back. We all cowered in the dark ignoring the pounding until it finally went away. This stuff was getting crazy! So I did the only thing I knew to do, I stayed hidden and prayed the best way I knew how, I had never read the bible or heard anyone really pray accept my eldest brother that led me to the Lord when I was 8 years old. I was fighting a REAL spiritual battle with very little knowledge about the supernatural or the demonic. After weeks of isolation and worry from my roommates I decided I was going to try to get back on the horse and insert myself back into the real world again. So I got cleaned up and put on my “armor” I used to call it, which included miniskirt, high heels the whole works, and I walked down to a well known restaurant on Hollywood Blvd called Stargazer’s to sit and have a cup of coffee and look over the paper for open auditions and calls. I take a seat at the counter and lay my paper down and order a coffee, I get lost in reading when all of a sudden this very well dressed man in a suite sits next to me and says in a very thick Italian accent “You are going to think this is a pick up line, but I assure you it is not, are you an actress or model?” I say “yeah, I am an actress, model, whatever” he said “ah I knew it!” at this I rolled my eyes and turned back to my coffee. He said “No, ma’am I am not finished, I am here in America doing a movie, and the leading lady I have chosen for the part is just not convincing anyone.” I asked him “what does this have to do with me?” He said “You look exactly like how I picture the leading lady to look, and if you can act, that would be amazing” he said “let me tell you what, I have the script right here with me, you take it home with you tonight and read it, if you feel like it is something you think you can do, meet me back here at 3:00pm and we can take things from there. He then takes the script out of his fine leather satchel and a golden box of Ferrer Rocher chocolates and places them on the bar in front of me and says “What do you say?” I told him “What could it hurt for me to check it out?” and I took the script and the box of chocolates and headed back home. While I was on the way walking to my apartment, I open the script just to take a peek and there was $300 dollars tucked inside of it! Again with the $300 dollars!

I was 18 and a model in Hollywood, I did what anyone would do, I tucked it into my bra, and went inside my apartment to read this script. I read it, and it was okay, nothing amazing, a love story and a role that I knew I could play blindfolded so I decided I would say yes. So, I took the $300 dollars and I took my wanna-be rocker ex boyfriend to Houdini’s Mansion and some super expensive restaurant with fish everywhere in ponds all over for dinner to celebrate my new coming success. I went to Stargazer’s at exactly 3:00pm to meet this man that I never quite caught his name..As soon as I arrive at the door, he swings it open and says Deanna! (I don’t remember if we swapped names?) “I have the greatest news!” I said “what,what?” He said last night I came back from here and told my writers ALL about you, and they have written a whole new script, just for YOU” I thought to myself “Now were talking, something I can really get behind”! He said “Here, this is the new script, do the same as before, take it home, read it and meet me here tomorrow at 3:00pm if you say yes?” so I take it, and peek in it again and this time there was no money, so I closed it and tucked it under my arm and walked once again back to my apartment to read it. I was very excited and I thought for sure all the evil activity was behind me (of course not recognizing at the time it seemed to always be 3:00 o’clock am or pm and it was twice $300) I get into my apartment, and I tell the roomies about what just happened and they now too are excited to see what this new script is like. We all go into the kitchen into the best light and I open the script on the counter for us all to look at. The first thing that stands out are the Characters listed, we are all taken back by the fact that they are all names that are each of our names just off by one or two letters. Like the leading lady’s name was Anna. We read the bio about each character, and they were freakishly identical to our own traits, personalities and looks. We brushed it off as just a fluke and continued reading together the plot of the script. It was not broken down like most scripts that show you the setting and the lines of each character, this was a story line for the movie written like a story. As we are reading we all start to make sounds like Huh? What the? Hmmm? And then we started to look at one another with a bit of disbelief and fear because we all KNEW that we were reading about what had just taken place with Tony, the Jamaican Pizza guy and now the Italian director from Italy, and what was going on. It was said that this Anna character was special, and had a special gift and that she was the last one of her generation that was left that could read and understand the Book of Wisdom. It said that she was living with her 3 roommates in Hollywood and each of them was named, it talked about a battle that she was going through in the spirit realm where she didn’t understand what was going on. It read that Anna was need by these elite black hooded figures, and they did rituals to influence her decisions. It said they needed her because without her they could not escape the coming judgment of God and that she would give birth to a child in the age of Aquarius that would also have the gift concerning the Book of Wisdom. At this my roommates snatch the script off of the counter and Linda says “let’s burn it! This is dangerous to read future stuff like this!” We all agreed that this was just to scary and freaky so we got a trashcan from the back and brought in the apartment, with the glass door opened we burned that script right there on the spot. I of course did NOT go back to Stargazer’s the next day at 3:00pm to meet the mysterious Italian director and I and my roommates now are all staying hidden for days until we can find some sanity in it all. We had a lot of time to discuss what we thought was going on from a non theological point of view, we were rockers in the 80’s what did we know?

We concluded that all three people Tony, the pizza guy and the Italian director were all working together to recruit me for the devil, and each one trying to make me believe that they were the answer to my prayers for help. But we didn’t know why? Or if it would continue? Many days went by with all of us bonding together over trauma. Somehow or another things started to ease up and the supernatural things started to cease and we all got back to our normal lives of trying to be famous. I did a nationwide commercial for Mtv about a contest to win a speaking part in a major motion picture, I played a spoiled and pampered actress that sat in front of a lighted makeup mirror and spoke the lines “This is Hollywood, where stars are made and not born” ironic huh? I also did a lead role in a rock video and things were picking back up again, but then the supernatural started to pick back up again. Now rock stars were wooing me, inviting me to live with them, even one proposed marriage, I found myself stuck back in the same empty depression I was in before this all started happening. Everything on the surface looked like I was super awesome and that everything I touched turned to gold, but that emptiness inside was getting bigger the more success I achieved. I had just gotten a big part in a movie that was being filmed in the local studious and I had a few weeks before I had to arrive on the scene for wardrobe fitting. During that time my eldest brother that had led me to the Lord when I was eight, had fallen on hard luck and got addicted to heroine and was in rehab. While in rehab he met a woman that he was going to marry and he told me that it was important that I come home for the wedding. I told him I only had a few weeks before the wardrobe fitting on a new movie I had just landed and couldn’t stay long. The devil fought hard to keep me from leaving Hollywood to go to my brothers wedding, every physical thing he could to make me miss my plane, like diarrhea and vomiting and airport security hassling me. I felt like I was going to die on that plane. When I got to San Jose my hometown, I was happy to have landed safely and felt like I was somehow being given a second chance. Long story ending really fast!

I went to the wedding, caught the bouquet, went home cried before God and told him if HE really wanted the likes of someone like me, He who would have to prove it to me, and if He did, I would walk away from everything and serve Him with my whole life. The next day my other half brother that was a total skirt chaser came to my bedroom and invited me to church with him. I laughed because I had never really been to church in my life. I decided to go with him just to humor him, and I ended up going up to the alter not even knowing what an alter call was, EVEN BEFORE the man speaking even gave an invitation to come up and accept Jesus. I knelt there in my skirt in high heels crying out to God about what was going on with my life. He spoke to me and told me that everything that I had ever experienced had led me to this very spot I was in before Him, and He told me that He had chosen me indeed, and that He was going to hold me to my promise to leave everything and Follow and Serve Him. I remember looking behind me to see if others were hearing God too, but everyone had their eyes closed and hands raised. He allowed me to feel this warmth and sense of love, acceptance and purpose like I had never felt before. I got up from that alter and went directly to a water fountain in the hall of the church and went to drink some water and clean my face up from crying. When I looked up from the drinking fountain there was a man standing there smiling at me. I said “ Hi” he said
Hi can I have a hug?” I thought to myself, this is odd but said “alright” so I hugged him. He said “that was really nice can I have another?” now I am thinking, this brother is a player, but I will give him another hug anyways, this is church anyways right? Three months later I married that man because the Lord spoke to us both that we were to be each others spouse and that He had a mission for both of us that we couldn’t do without one another. Soon after we were married we were thrust into ministry in the church right away. Now after 30 years of holding positions of pastor in institutional churches across the US, we have been used to confront and expose false teachers and false prophets and have been taken to Washington DC and I have worked for the President in the White House to be witnesses to things that God wanted us to see in the government as well as in Hollywood.

I hope that you will prayerfully consider this testimony. Every word is True and a faithful witness of true events. Satan runs Hollywood and I know this by having experienced what I did.

Father Bless every soul that reads the words of the testimony, and I plead the Blood of Jesus over them to cover and protect them. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.



"Trade in your Traditions for Truth and Exchange your Religion for a Relationship."…