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MK-ULTRA in Australia: Part 5 – MK-NAOMI and Dr Petrauskas

December 8, 2021
MK Ultra
Steve McMurray

MK-ULTRA was related to MK-NAOMI – a joint CIA & Army Chemical & Biological-Weapons project based at Fort Detrick, Maryland, USA, that ran from 1953 to 1970. The project involved “developing, testing, and maintaining biological agents and delivery systems for use against humans as well as against animals and crops”. MK-NAOMI received CIA funding through MK-ULTRA Sub-projects 13, 30 and 50.[1]

In 1957, the Chairman of the Australian Branch of the British Psychological Society was Dr. Cecil A. Gibb[2] – who received his PhD at the University of Illinois in Chicago with Dr. Raymond Cattell[3]. In the same year that Gibb is Chairman of the Society, Cattell receives a Fulbright Scholarship to attend the University of Melbourne[4] with Dr. Oscar A. Oeser as head of Psychology[5]. During this time, Gibb is Chair of Psychology at the Australian National University[6], which is where Daniel L. Adler attends on his 1957 Fulbright[7]. Adler was a student of MK-ULTRA co-founder, Kurt Lewin and recieved his PhD under him[8]. Cattell and Adler were the only Australian Fulbright recipients for studies in Psychology in 1957[9].

Also in 1957 at the University of Melbourne, Joshua Lederberg from Fort Detrick recieved a Fulbright[10] to work with Sir Gustav Nossal and Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet to study Burnets’ ‘Clonal Selection’ Theory[11]. Lederberg was a key individual in the creation of bio-weapons as he first discovered that bacteria can swap genes[12]. He was connected to Fort Detrick bio-weapon research since 1949[13] and later became the president of Rockefeller University, a member of the Defense Science Board and the mysterious JASON Group[14]. Lederberg now advises the government in biological weapons and the potential for bio-terrorism[15].

Burnet was a member of the Defence Research and Development Policy Committee in Australia – which planned to develop bio-weapons to wipe out the ‘teeming hordes’ of Asia[16].  Shortly after Lederberg arrived on his Fulbright Scholarship, Burnet attended a meeting with the Department of Defence to discuss Australia’s use of Biological Weapons – not long after returning from the notorious Porton Down Chemical and Biological Weapons research center in the United Kingdom[17]. Porton Down was the facility that MK-ULTRA’s Frank Olson visited to study MI-6 mind control operations using psychoactive drugs and it is connected to Olson’s Fort Detrick and Project MK-NAOMI[18].

Burnet was also an outspoken eugenicist, proposing to reduce the world’s population by billions[19]. Department of Defence documents released in 2003 show that he advocated pre-emptive biological warfare against Asian nations to stop the size of their population becoming a threat to Australia[20]. Burnet was involved with the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) by being a close friend of Francis Noble Ratcliffe of the CSIRO who setup the ACF under Julian Huxley’s influence[21]. Interestingly, Garfield Barwick was the first head of the ACF and would later be a director of USEFA with Leonard George Holden Huxley in the 60’s[22]. Richard Casey, who oversaw USEFA from 1954 to 1960 became a patron of the ACF in 1966[23]. To complete the circle of eugenicist connections, Macfarlane Burnet was a friend of Leonard George Holden Huxley, who was the Executive of CSIRO and Director of USEFA in 1960.

Not co-incidentally, Nossal would go on to watch over Dr. Christopher Goodnow’s PhD[24]. Christopher is the son of two previously mentioned MK-ULTRA Australia contributors, Dr. Jacqueline Goodnow and Dr. Robert E. Goodnow. Christopher was born in Hong Kong while both parents were involved with MK-ULTRA research[25]. Nossal is a Sydney Uni-Jewish-Jesuit-Eugenicist who works as a consultant for the Word Health Organisation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation[26].

Back to 1957 – Burnet organised with Dr. Joseph Smadel of Fort Detrick to send the military trained, Dr. Carelton Gajdusek to Papua New Guinea to study the Kuru Virus, which was discovered by Dr. Vincent Zigas[27]. Smadel and Lederberg were colleagues, having both been involved with military virus research together[28][29]. Zigas shared a house with Fiona Barnett’s Nazi, Hypno-Programmer Dr. Leonas Petrauskas, and they were ‘dearest’ of friends. Burnet had employed Zigas to study the Kuru Virus in Papua New Guinea and collect samples of the virus for Burnet’s laboratory in Melbourne[30]. Gajdusek’s’ studies in Papua New Guinea were financed by the U.S. Army under a contract titled, “Field Studies on the Control of Infectious Disease of Military Importance” in connection with research at Fort Detrick[31]. He sent samples of the virus back to Smadel at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland – who was at the centre of all US Bio-weapons research at this time[32]. In 1959, Gajdusek, Zigas and Petrauskas were all working together in PNG[33]. Zigas would later travel to work with Gajdusek at the National Institutes of Health[34].

In 1957, Zigas met with Military Psychologist and MK-ULTRA Doctor, Dr. Alex Sinclair who was a protege of Dr. William Sargant[35]. Sinclair was sent to PNG to study the psychological effects of Kuru[36]. He later gave a speech at the Papua New Guinea Scientific Society titled “Forcible Indoctrination”. Sinclair was involved with ECT & DST brainwashing methods[37] and he was a supporter of MK-ULTRA Doctor, Harry Bailey[38][39]. Later on, Sinclair would be engaged in a Military PSYOP against the citizens of PNG to influence their support of Australian involvement in the country[40].

Back at Fort Detrick, Gajdusek would later transmit a “kuru like syndrome” into chimpanzees and the report of this experiment would be published in Progress Report #8 of the Special Virus Cancer Program[41]. This program was used as cover for the extension of the MK-NAOMI project at Fort Detrick[42]. Like Dr. Petrauskas, Gajdusek turned out to be a peadophile after some of the 50 PNG kids he brought back to the U.S. accused him of sexual assault[43]. Dr. Robert Gallo would contribute $60,000 to Gajdusek’s bail[44] and in 1970 he spoke to NATO scientists on how to create AIDS like viruses[45].

Gajduseks’ Kuru research was published in 1962 by the American Eugenics Society[46]. A year before the Kuru research started, Theodosius Dobzhansky was Chairman of the American Eugenics Society[47]. Dobzhansky recieved a Fulbright Research Scholarship in 1959[48] to study the effects of Kuru and implement a eugenics policy of restricting the movement of the Kuru infected Fore tribe in PNG[49]. He did this while studying for a PhD at The University of Sydney, which he recieved in 1960[50]. Dobzhansky was a friend of Julian Huxley and his daughter grew up to marry a CIA agent[51].

“If they can kill rabbits like that, we could get something that killed humans like that, it’d be wonderful. (Laughs) That’s the sort of attitude you had to have if you were in that game.” Prof. Frank Fenner on his work at CSIRO[52]

In 1960, Arthur Galston received a Fulbright Scholarship to work with CSIRO in Australia[53]. Galston is known for the research that led to the development of Agent Orange at Fort Detrick in the 50’s[54]. Even though it is widely reported that he was unwitting in it’s creation – he would still be useful for bio-weapons research. Burnet worked closely with CSIRO, having developed the Myxoma bio-weapon with his colleagues at the organisation. Ian Clunies Ross who was the head of CSIRO at the time and a member of the CIA’s Australian Congress for Cultural Freedom[55], injected Myxoma with Macfarlane Burnet and Prof. Frank Fenner to show that the rabbit-killing virus wouldn’t harm humans[56]. Joseph Smadel at Fort Detrick also made contributions to the Myxoma bio-weapon[57].

The Fulbright Scheme in Australia was a CIA program:

It has been acknowledged that the CIA used the Fulbright Scholarship program to insert its agents or contractors.[58] USEFA recieved funding through a CIA conduit known as the Institute of International Education (IIE)[59]. IIE financed Fulbright scholarships into Australia and the Institute was founded by Elihu Root (a founder of the Council on Foreign Relations, co-founder of the Carnegie Endowment and a member of the Pilgrim’s Society)[60] and Stephen P. Duggan who was also a member of the CFR and known as the “apostle of internationalism”[61]. USEFA was based at Huxley’s Australian National University during the main years of imported CIA operations[62][63].

During the cold war, 50% of all Ford Foundation grants were on behalf of the CIA[64]. In 1963, L.G.H. Huxley brokered a deal with the Ford Foundation for $200,000 of funding to assist mainly with the Research School of Pacific Affairs which had a large focus on PNG[65]. A year later, Ford Foundation beneficiary, Margaret Mead who was also the ex-wife of CIA and MK-ULTRA founder, Gregory Bateson[66], paid a visit to ANU to speak with a member of the Research School[67]. William Stanner was the head of the School at the time and he was heavily involved with Pacific Studies[68], having been involved with the Directorate of Research and Civil Affairs (DORCA) which evolved into Australian School of Pacific Administration (ASOPA)[69]. Both DORCA and ASOPA featured Camilla Wedgewood as a director – an anthropologist and a member of the Darwin-Wedgewood family that includes the Huxley family[70]. ASOPA was the main body responsible for facilitating research in PNG and Vin Zigas recieved his pacific training here – being taught by Wedgewood[71][72].

Dr. Leonas Petrauskas

Dr. Leonas Petrauskas was a Nazi Doctor with confirmed links to MK-ULTRA, MK-NAOMI, Intelligence and the Occult.

He was schooled by Jesuits and was associated with Jesuits in PNG. Petrauskas was an officer in the German-Lithuanian Army and fled to Australia through the International Refugee Organisation, where he served as a Doctor specialising in internal medicine[72]. The IRO is known to have been a safe haven for European Fascists who were later recruited by Western Intelligence[73].

Leonas was connected to the Theosophical Society shortly after fleeing Europe. He was involved with the New Australians Cultural Association (NACA) which was a group formed to help newly arrived European immigrants settle into Australian life. Adyar hall was a frequent home to its events and this hall was owned by the Theosophical Society[74]. Adyar was also used by the Pro-Nazi, Rationalist Association[75] and the Australia First Movement led by P.R. Stephenson who was an associate of Aleister Crowley[76]. Dr. Leonas Petrauskas gave a talk for NACA at Adyar Hall in 1949. A previous Vice-President of NACA was a leading member of the Theosophical Society[77] and another Vice-President was the grandson of a Prince initiated into Egyptian Freemasonry by Alessandro Cagliostro[77i][78] who was an early occultist that Aleister Crowley claimed to be an incarnation of. A notable patron of NACA was Eugene Goossens who was invovled in Rosaleen Norton’s Satanic coven in Kings Cross, Sydney, and introduced her to Thelema[79]. Goossens would later end up as Vice-President of the CIA-ASIO front, The Australian Congress of Cultural Freedom with CSIRO’s Ian Clunies Ross under him[80].

Before Fiona Barnett even knew that ‘Dr. Mark’ was an alias for Dr. Petrauskas, she claimed that he mentioned using the cover of a blue ringed octopus sting to account for the death of a child murdered by a former Australian Prime Minister at Kurnell Beach. Once Dr. Marks’ true identity was found by this author, it turned out that Petrauskas was an expert in Tropical Medicine and even wrote a study on the effects of poisoning by a Cone Fish sting on a child, while in PNG[81]. Petrauskas graduated from his degree in Tropical Medicine at The University of Sydney while Dr. Antony Kidman was studying there[82].

His daughter, Krista Petrauskas, was connected to the dark esoteric world, having been involved with the Rosicrucian Order AMORC and the Theosophical Society. She part owned a Buddhist Lodge in Obi, QLD with Ayya Khema and was later involved with Dr. James McGarry – a hypnotist who likes to dress up in robes and founded the Academy of Human Sciences & Academy of Esoteric Sciences. Bergio Panikian, a Rosicrucian Master and a relative of the current Grand Master of AMORC Australia, ‘saved her life’ according to a conversation Shane Nagle had with Krista.

UPDATE – 22/02/2016:

In recently obtained documents from the National Archives of Australia, Dr. Leonas Petrauskas is confirmed to have been working at the Concord Military Hospital in Sydney before attending the Australian School of Pacific Administration[83]. ASOPA was heavily connected to early Australian intelligence operations[84].

In a 1949 Commonwealth Investigation Service (CIS) document, Petrauskas is listed as passing the security check for eligibility of employment in PNG. A man by the name of “E. Traub” is also listed in this paper which could very well be Dr. Erich Traub, the former head of Nazi Bio-weapons projects[85]. The CIS was the forerunner to ASIO[86].

Is this the Operation Paperclip           Bioweapons expert, Erich Traub?

To support this, Traub was recruited by British Intelligence in 1948, just one year before this document was written. His recruitment was through Operation Paperclip[87], which was in the same program as Operation Matchbox (1946-1951) that recruited at least 127 Nazi scientists, including chemical and biological weapons experts, to take positions within Australian Military laboratories[88].

As mentioned above, it appears that Petrauskas was in the middle of Bio-weapons research while in Papua New Guinea with Vincent Zigas and Dr. Carelton Gajdusek of Fort Detrick. Traub was active at Fort Detrick from 1949 onwards[89]. Macfarlane Burnet, who was the Australian head of Zigas and Gajduseks fieldwork in PNG, had used Traub’s research on mice infected with the Lymphocitic Choriomeningitis Virus to help explain how immunity was formed against retroviruses (e.g. Kuru) in1949[90][91]. As mentioned above, Burnet was also connected to early MK-NAOMI operations at Fort Detrick. Traub was also affiliated with the U.S. Naval Medical Research Institute[92] which was interested in viruses and diseases in PNG around this time[93].

I’m happy for someone to prove this is another E. Traub – if it is, that’s one huge coincidence. I’ve had a look and I cant find another Traub in any way related to PNG.

UPDATE – 23/02/2016:

While in PNG, Dr. Petrauskas had helped out Margaret Mead who was the ex-wife of CIA & MK-ULTRA founder, Gregory Bateson[94]. Petrauskas is thanked in the preface of Mead’s ‘New Lives for Old’, published in 1956[95]. Mead incorrectly spells his name as ‘Leo Petrauskis’.