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MK-ULTRA in Australia: Part 6

December 8, 2021
MK Ultra
Steve McMurray

An overdue update to the series…

The Huxley’s were behind Australia’s Weaponized Anthropology.

In October 1953, Julian Huxley wrote to the wife of ASIO founder, Richard Casey promoting the work of Australian anthropologist Dr. Ted Strehlow. Huxley wrote,“He has just made some colour films, one of which I saw, on some Aboriginal totemic ritual – it is the most wonderful record of a primitive ritual that I have ever seen.”[1]

Further on in the letter, Huxley advises Mrs. Casey to ask her husband to finance Strehlow’s studies;“He still appears to have difficulty in getting money – a trivial sum – to put a good sound-track on it. I wonder if the Minister for Territories (Richard Casey) could help in this?” He then suggests to Mrs. Casey that Strehlow be made a Professor at the Australian National University (ANU) and more Aboriginal studies should be done there.

A little over a year later, Strehlow receives finance through the recently founded Academy of Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA) for a study titled, “Pre-White Organisation of Aranda Tribe and Effect of Contact with White Settlers”.[2] He receives funding the following year for a pamphlet titled, “The sustaining ideal of Australian Aboriginal Societies.” (1956).[3]

In 1956, the head of the Australian Branch of the British Psychological Society, Dr. Oscar A. Oeser, (MI-6 & Tavistock Doctor) also recieved finance for studies from ASSA.[4][5] Another key MKULTRA Australia doctor, John Phillip Sutcliffe, also recieved ASSA sponsorship for his studies.[6]

The ASSA works in parallel with the Australian Academy of Science (AAS).[7] In 1956, Julian Huxley’s relative and MKULTRA Australia coordinator, Leonard G.H. Huxley, was elected to the Council of the AAS and he became Vice-President the following year.[8] During this time, the headquarters of ASSA were located on the grounds of the ANU in Canberra, which Leonard was the Chairman of.[9][10] ASSA was also influenced by the Carnegie Corporation and the pro-eugenics UNESCO which Julian Huxley founded.[11][12] The ASSA council met with the heads of UNESCO Australia in October, 1956 and worked together to decide the direction of their eugenics program in Australia.[13]

Strehlow would go on to contribute the ‘Aborigines Project’ at ASSA with contributions from MKULTRA Doctors Ronald Taft and John Phillip Sutcliffe.[14] The project was headed by Charles D. Rowley who was a founder and principal of the previously mentioned intelligence front, ASOPA.[15]

Leonard G.H. Huxley also supported weaponized anthropology outside of the AAS. In 1965 Huxley was the head of the Australian Fulbright Scholarship program at USEFA, which transferred MKULTRA doctors between Australia and the USA. In that year, Huxley accepts an application for a Scholarship from Dr. John D. McCaffrey from Stanford University.[16] One of McCaffrey’s references was Gregory Bateson, a founder of the CIA and Project MKULTRA.[17][18]

McCaffrey’s proposed research outlined a visual approach where he would record feedback from Aborigines in the form of their artwork.[19] This study mirrored an unethical MKULTRA experiment by U.S. Military Doctor, Alexander H. Leighton at the Japanese War Relocation Center at Poston in the Mojave Desert.[20] Both studies aimed to learn about the concept of feedback which is important in understanding human personality. The role of feedback was discovered in a brainwashing experiment at McCaffrey’s Stanford University.[21]

The Institute of Psychiatry at Maudlsey Hospital – A base of Australian MKULTRA operations.

In 1936, Julian Huxley’s friend Julian Treveleyan, took part in a mescaline study at the Institute of Psychiatry (IoP) at the Maudsley Hospital in London.[22] Trevelyan’s son suggests Julian Huxley tipped him off about the experiment.[23] Julian Huxley’s brother Aldous later wrote ‘The Doors of Perception’, which detailed his experiences after taking mescaline.[24] Treveleyan and the Huxley’s were distantly related as he later married the great-granddaughter of Charles Darwin.[25]

Much of the IoP’s pre-WW2 finance came from the Rockefeller Foundation which enabled an exchange of doctors between the Maudsley and Nazi Germany.[26] The IoP was originally a competitor to the notorious Tavistock clinic until it came under Tavistock control when the British Army & Intelligence crowd, including Dr. John Rawlings Rees and Eric Trist, started operating out of here.[27] Julian Huxley later promoted the work of Dr. Eliot Slater at the IoP.[28] At this point in time, Slater was the Vice-Chair of the British Eugenics Society and had a long history of working closely with MKULTRA Doctor, William Sargant.[29]

From the late 50’s onward, the IoP was the home of MKULTRA Sub-project 111, directed by Dr. Hans J. Eysenck.[30] According to the book Undiscovered Paul Robeson: Quest for Freedom, Maudsley Hospital was the “staging ground for European and African MKULTRA operations”.[31] There is evidence that strongly suggests it was also a staging ground for Australian operations.

As Dr. Peter W. Sheehan explained, Prof. John Sutcliffe was the driving force behind MKULTRA Hypnosis research coming to Australia at The University of Sydney through his connections with Martin Orne.[32] Prior to this, Sutcliffe was in contact with Eysenck who was Director of Subproject 111 at the time.[33][34] Eysenck was an influential member of the British Psychological Society and so was an Australian Army Psychologist, Donald W. McElwain, who had carried out psychological experiments at Maudsley in the early 50’s.[35][36] It’s no coincidence that McElwain was the President of the Australian Branch of the British Psychological Society at this time (1958-1959).[37]

While Eysenck had influence over Sutcliffe, Wendy A.F. Thorn was a student in Sutcliffe’s department studying hypnosis and multiple personality disorder with MKULTRA Sub-project 84 Doctor, Frederick J. Evans.[38][39] She would later engage in research financed by the Australian Branch of the British Psychological Society (with assistance from Eysenck) at Leonard Huxley’s Australian National University, before travelling over to the IoP to begin research with Eysenck himself.[40][41]

The funding that helped Martin Orne establish Sub-project 84 at The University of Sydney was recieved through the Human Ecology Fund, specifically under a project titled, ‘Attitude Formation, Decision Matrices’.[42] Eysenck also recieved his Sub-project 111 finance under the same title.[43] It seems that both Sub-projects 84 and 111 were related and both had influence over Australian operations.

In 1975, Dr. Martin Seligman went to the IoP at Maudsley on a ‘sabbatical’.[44] It was here he was introduced to Eysenck and worked with IoP staff to study phobias and obsessions while developing his Learned Helplessness theory which later became the basis of the CIA’s 2001 torture program.[45][46][47] Dr. Stanley Rachman was at the IoP at this time and he had published studies with Seligman that helped to develop his theory.[48] Seligman’s work at the IoP was in the same year that Kidman was involved with Learned Helplessness research on sheep in Australia.[49] In 1977, Eysenck gave a lecture at The University of Sydney on his Australian tour.[50]

Other Australian Maudsley connections are apparent from William Sargant’s involvement at the hospital.[51] It was Sargant that had influence over the serial killer and MKULTRA Doctor, Harry Bailey.[52] Dr. Ardie Lubin was based at the IoP until he left to study with Dr. Jacqueline Goodnow at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.[53][54] Shortly after these studies, Jacquline Goodnow and her husband Robert would be working with Dr. John Gittinger at Psychological Assessments Associates (PAA) – before coming back to Australia in 1972.[55] Their official association with PAA didn’t end until 1974, around the same time Fiona Barnett alleges Gittinger was in Australia working with Dr. Antony Kidman.[56]

Nicole Kidman recently created the ‘Dr. Antony Kidman Scholarship in Health Psychology’ at the IoP.

This could only be a coincidence if you have your eyes wide shut…

In March this year, Nicole paid a visit to the IoP (now the IoPPN) to create the ‘Dr Antony Kidman Scholarship in Health Psychology’.[57] This was made in memory of her father who died less than a month after MKULTRA Victim, Fiona Barnett, complained to the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) about Antony’s abuse.[58]

In that complaint, Fiona alleged that Antony Kidman and Australian Theater Legend, John Bell raped her at a party in 1984 at the Kidman Family House in North Sydney. Fiona also alleges that Nicole witnessed Antony physically assault her the morning after while shouting, “Do you remember, now?!” until Fiona said “No.”. Fiona suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder (or Dissociative Identity Disorder) as a result of abuse like this.

Possibly due to her real world experience, Nicole later played a psychologist in ‘Batman Forever’ who specializes in Multiple Personality Disorder.

Australian Positive Psychology & Buddhism conference has multiple links to the CIA.

Since 2006, a series of yearly conferences that jointly promote Buddhism and Positive Psychology have been held in Sydney. They’re called the ‘Happiness and It’s Causes’ conferences and the chief organizer is the Dalai Lama (via the Vajrayana Institute).[59] The Dalai Lama is a well documented CIA asset with a long history of financial support from the agency.[60] Interestingly, the first conference was held in the Sydney Masonic Centre.[61] The featured line up usually includes a mixture of Positive Psychology promoting psychologists, Buddhist scholars, monks and a few Australian Broadcasting Corporation employees. These journalists and media figures promote Positive Psychology, Buddhism and other attendees in their own time.[62]

In 2008, CIA Doctors Seligman and Kidman attended the conference and gave talks which promoted Positive Psychology and its potential role in education.[63] School Principal of Geelong Grammar, Stephen Meek, was also in attendance and he was also selling the idea of ‘Positive Schools’. Meek was the first School Principal in Australia have approved the program.[64][65] In 2015, Meek told the Child Abuse Royal Commission that he was more interested in protecting his schools reputation than exposing pedophiles existing within his school.[66]

Two CIA assets promote Positive Psychology & Buddhism at a conference in Sydney.

Kidman’s emissary, Dr Sarah Edelman was there in 2007 with the Dalai Lama.[67][68] (You can find Edelman’s meditation CD’s for sale at the Theosophical Society.[69] Meditation can lead to mania, depression and psychosis.[70]) Australian False Memory Association Advisor & Associate of Dr. Martin Orne, Dr. Graham Burrows, was also in attendance.[71][72]

Another 2007 speaker was B. Alan Wallace who is an expert in Tibetan Buddhism from Stanford University.[73] Wallace works on the on the Cultivating Emotional Balance project with CIA & Military psychologist Paul Ekman and his daughter Eve Ekman.[74] The Dalai Lama is a strong supporter of this project, having played a crucial role in its creation in 2000.[75] Another speaker to be at the conferences was Bob Carr, who is a previous attendee of the Bohemian Grove and a CIA supporter.[76][77]

This years event headlined Eve Ekman.[78] She’s the daughter of former Chief Psychologist of the United States Army, Paul Ekman who owns the Paul Ekman Group, which has worked with the CIA and FBI.[79][80] Eve works for her father’s group and so does an, ex-Secret Service, ex-Army Interrogation & PSYOP expert, Paul Kelly, as the Director of Law Enforcement and Security workshops in the USA.[81] Vice-President John Pearse is also connected with intelligence, working for the Anti-Terrorist Branch at New Scotland Yard in London and he has been responsible for the design and delivery of a number of counter-terrorism seminars.[82]

In the late 1960’s, Paul Ekman worked alongside The University of Western Australia (UWA) on weaponized anthropology in Papua New Guinea.[83] At this time, UWA was a hub of MKULTRA research with Prof. Ronald Taft making use of his CIA money in similar studies.[84] Interestingly, Ekman’s research was on the exact same tribe that Dr. Leonas Petrauskas, Dr. Vin Zigas and Dr. Carelton Gadjusek had focused their MKNAOMI linked research on.[85][86] Ekman’s finance for this study came from the Advanced Projects Research Agency (ARPA) and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.[87]

Just a year after working with the Dalai Lama to create the CEB project, Ekman was approached to join the CIA’s torture program that started at Martin Seligman’s house.[88][89] Ekman denies joining the program, however he does admit his research assists interrogators.[90] The Ekman Group offers training to detect lies and analyse body language which becomes useful for interrogation and mind control purposes.

Could Positive Psychology be MKULTRA Mind Control?

The term ‘Positive Psychology’ was coined by MKULTRA doctor, Abraham Maslow to describe his work.[91] Albert Ellis was the “unsung hero of positive psychology” and gave a seminar at the CIA’s Esalen Institute in the 60’s to demonstrate his original work.[92][93] Albert Ellis was influential in the careers of CIA Doctors & Positive Psychology pioneers, Dr. Martin Seligman and Dr. Antony Kidman.[94][95]

Dr. Aaron T. Beck is the father of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which was developed with Ellis and helped to form Positive Psychology.[96][97] Beck was a Military Psychologist at Walter Reed Army Hospital who also went on to influence Seligman and Kidman.[98][99] Beck ended up on the Advisory Board of the CIA’s False Memory Syndrome Foundation, having been personally invited by the head of MKULTRA Sub-project 84, Dr. Martin T. Orne.[100]

In 1998, Martin Seligman introduced Positive Psychology in his first address as President of the American Psychological Association with his fellow APA member, Dr. Antony Kidman in attendance.[101][102] Three years later, Seligman would use his life’s research to develop the torture program with the CIA and SERE (Survival, Evasion and Resistance and Escape).[103] SERE is an organisation which was developed using MKULTRA research from the Kubark Manual and the Phoenix Program.[104]

Positive Psychology is continuing to make its way into the Australian School System.[105] In the 2015 Keynote Address of the Positive Schools Conference, Toni Noble, an attendee of the Happiness & it’s Causes Conferences and a lead author of the pro-paedophile ‘Safe Schools Framework‘, quoted the current director of ASIO and his desired need for ‘greater social cohesion’ to combat ‘youth militant extremism’.[106][107] Noble proposed that Positive Psychology was the best way to achieve this objective.[108]

“American Soldiers Brainwashed with Positive Thinking.”

A major red-flag against the introduction of such a program into schools would be the fact that the U.S. Military paid Seligman over $30 million dollars to create the ‘Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program’ in 2008.[109] This program was a blatantly unethical research project that used the guise of a fitness program to hide its true intentions.[110] It effectively threw away the soldiers right to informed consent and turned them into human-guinea pigs. In this experiment, soldiers were taught to how to think and respond more obediently with the aid of Positive Psychology, rather than use their own critical thinking.[111] The U.S. Army admits the purpose of this was an attempt to make an ‘indomitable army’.[112]

One component of the program was ‘Spiritual Fitness’. This inappropriately forced the idea that religion was essential to achieve better mental health.[113] Positive Psychology promotes Buddhism from within its own core tenets and just like the conferences in Sydney, this seems to be an attempt to blur the lines between Eastern philosophy and Psychology.[114]

In his criticism of Seligman’s Positive Psychology, Dr. Kirk J. Schneider has shown that high levels of positive thinking correlate with Positive Illusion, which distorts reality:

“What the researchers don’t help us to understand-and what will be essential to understand if we are ever to substantively broach human vitality-is how positivity ratios also appear to correlate with destructive human tendencies. For example, a growing body of research appears to suggest that what the researchers call high positivity-a disposition to pleasant, grateful, and upbeat feelings-is also correlative with a dimension called “positive illusion” (relative inaccuracy regarding reality); and that negativity (or what is generally characterized as mild to moderate depression) is correlated with relatively greater accuracy concerning reality. These findings, moreover, also appear to square with recent correlations between highly positive people and suppressed psychological growth, inability to self-reflect, and racial intolerance.” [115]

When we have a thought and behaviour modification program being implemented into schools that was designed by an MKULTRA Doctor and used for the purposes of mind-control by the CIA and the U.S. Military – organizations which have both been behind the largest mind control operations in history to be used on innocent civilians – it seems obvious that it might not actually be trying to improve peoples lives. Positive Psychology and Positive Schools will only serve to further reduce the ability of people to critically think and understand reality. These negative effects are consistent with the goals of the eugenics project we know as MKULTRA.