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Second Witness Principle

July 16, 2020
Learn the Basics
Nick Patterson

Second Witness Principal
When a claim is made against you that is not legitimate, you don’t want to make a counter claim (asthen you would need to provide the evidence). Instead, ask them a question that if answered honestly would incriminate them.

Example: Police officer says “you must not travel between suburbs during lockdown”, you reply with a question “are you saying that theCharter of Human Rights and Responsibilities is no longer valid?”

If the officer answers honestly, he will surely say “no I amnot saying that”, then the officer will become the second witness against his own claim.

Or if the officer doesn’t answer the question correctly, youthen ask the question again and a third time to which you will then say “I have asked you three times and you have failed to answer the question so I will answer for you”. 2Corinthians 13:1, Matthew 18:16, Matthew 5:25-26.