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The Attacks on Survivors of Child Trafficking With Focus on Australian Survivor Fiona Barnett

December 8, 2021
News and Cover Up Research
David Shurter

The attacks on survivors who come forward speaking about being trafficked as children are INTENSE and constant- done to keep us quiet. In this article I am focusing on what Australian Fiona Barnett has had to endure coming forward and speaking about the crimes against her. I begin with a recent murder around Fiona and then go forward to show what is happening to her- and who is behind the attacks against her.


Recently my Australian friend Deb lost her son Mark. Deb has been a big supporter of survivors such as Fiona Barnett and so many people were devastated when we found out her son Mark died under highly suspicious circumstances. Who is behind Marks death? Many Australians have tried to piece this together and I have a lot of Australian contacts who have been sending me information and this is what I have pieced together.

Mark in a coma after being found dead after his friend left him for only an hour.

Mark was a victim of the same Sydney pedophile ring which included Hillsong church that abused Fiona Barnett – which she came forward and reported. However, Detective Belinda Abdy is the police woman who was responsible for shutting down the investigation into Fiona’s case after Sutherland police walked the streets questioning neighbors of her pedophile step-grandfather Peter Holowczak and started finding evidence to support her witness statements. Belinda Abdy is the same police official who screwed over a woman I’ll call R after she reported to police that her gay ex-husband was raping her son and selling him to pedophiles. Instead of arresting the ex-husband Belinda Abdy wrote a false report against R and had child protection and the court take her son and put him in the care of the pedophile ring where he is still being prostituted.


Belinda Abdy – covers up child sex trafficking


R recently went to court against Abdys Sutherland police and who should turn up to the Bankstown courthouse but JOHN HOLOWCZAK who is Fiona Barnett’s step uncle.

“Uncle John” Holowczak leaving Bankstown courthouse after supporting Sutherland police and Anne Furness by intimidating a witness.

John Holowczak has a business that sells surveillance equipment to hunters which is interesting because Fiona Barnett reported him to police for being present at a child hunt, where they were hunting children- like what has been reported at Bohemian Grove and Cibolo Creek Ranch in Marfa, Texas where Justice Anton Scalia was found murdered. Fiona Barnett told Australian authorities that her Uncle John was seen hunting and shooting kids, which explain why he’s so obsessed with attacking Fiona. In fact- he was regularly using the comments on my YouTube documentary to trash Fiona until I had to disable to comments to prevent his attacks.

Fiona’s “Uncle John” claims he’s working for the real survivors but his lack of compassion for survivors is obvious if you look at his comments he has posted on my videos under his many aliases- and he- like the rest of the pedophile protection squad- uses a LOT of aliases. The latest I read on one of Fiona’s YouTube channel said-


It is pretty obvious that this man is NOT a genuine supporter of the real survivors and, in fact, on my YouTube he made it painfully clear his only objective was that he just wanted to clear his family name Holowczak. However- I was informed that Holowczak is NOT even his real name as his mother had an affair with her boss at a Woolmill and wanted to name him ROMANCE because of this. I was also given information that John is working direcly in league with Kathy Devine which shows that John Holowczak is most likely a perpetrator and not a survivor. He certainly is not an advocate.

However- this is true not only in Australia but everywhere- as this group seeks out outspoken survivors in order to set them up and harass them. I myself have been party to the same situation- as a woman in Eastern Washington invited me up- in order to “help” me- but terrorized me the entire night and THEN refused to call the police after a woman was almost raped in her back ally way.

There is no way the public could have known that R was going to court unless Sutherland police told them- as it was not publicized but John Holowczak turned up with Anne/Emma Furness who reportedly abused Rachel at the court house for taking Sutherland police to court. Funny enough, about a year ago, this Anne/Emma Furness turned up in R’s life pretending to be an advocate but instead of supporting R she sent her abusive emails and said what a lovely man the ex-husband was. The same ex-husband R had told police was raping her son.

This is the same sort of abuse Anne/Emma Furness is known for- as she did the same to Fiona. She phoned Fiona’s neighbors Paul and Deborah Sandstrom- who previously went by the name of Paul Searle and Deborah Knight of Nambucca Heads- and described him on Kathy Devine’s Facebook page as a lovely man AFTER he- Fiona’s neighbor- poisoned her dog, assaulted her brother and smashed her front gate trying to assault Fiona. This “support” that public Australian survivors and supporters give doesn’t seem to be supportive at all.


Anne/Emma Furness claims to be a clergy abuse survivor when in fact it is reported that she had an affair with a priest when she was 45 years old, which begs the question how much of a “victim” could she be. Apparently she speaks Russian and Nicky Davis, a survivor who was in contact with Fiona, told her that she has seen Anne Furness talk to the Vatican on speaker phone with Cardinal George Pell who is currently facing multiple charges of pedophilia in Australia. What kind of person can phone the Vatican and be put straight through to the third in charge of the Vatican- and how much of a victim can you be when you are making such calls to a man who is being charged on multiple counts of pedophilia? And I have to wonder- what was the nature of their calls?

Anne/Emma Furness was closely associated with a journalist named Ben McCormack who interviewed Furness on A Current Affair about Hillsong who was later CONVICTED OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY! Anne Furness’s friends seem incredibly questionable to me.

Of course this all begs the question as to whether Anne/Emma Furness is on the Catholic church payroll? Is she paid to harass victims like Rachel and Fiona? This becomes more of a question when you consider that the Catholic Church as a caveat on her home. If she is not working with the Catholic Church- who has a long history of pedophile abuse-please explain why the Catholic church have a caveat on her home? The connection between them is pretty straight forward when you consider this.

It has also been reported that Anne/Emma Furness was trying to get Nicky Davis to set up an Australian branch of Survivors Voice UK- but before she could use this to lure survivors this site was given to a GENUINE victim of clergy abuse instead- which disabled their use of it. This blog site was originally set up to defame Fiona Barnett when you consider that her “Uncle John” obsessively posts his rants and creepy poetry about how his boss at Wollongong Council roasted him for using the Council’s email site to send the editor of the news site Fiona Barnett was working with for abusive and defamatory emails. So not only does Fiona’s uncle John use many aliaes, but he ALSO uses other’s email accounts.

The caveat that the Catholic church has on Anne Furness’s home is self-evident when you look at the official legal paperwork. Here is the Catholic church caveat on Furness home at Unit 3 / 7A Riou Street, Gosford, NSW.


Anne/Emma Furness became involved with Gordon Parsons/Myers (funny how these peole always seem to have more than 1 name) who Fiona Barnett and Nicky Davis gave a lot of money to which he not only did he not pay back- but then began defaming Fiona for stealing money from him. I know that Davis gave him money because I was shown the transaction records from Nicky Davis to Gordon’s account that was sent to one of the “boys home” survivors homes he visited. As It turns out, it also seems that Gordon was a pedophile who abused a 3 year old girl whose mother contacted Fiona, feeling downtrodden for publicly supporting the man. Gordon traveled up and down the coast of Australia collecting the names of juvenile detention boys home survivors who were willing to testify to the royal commission and who wanted compensation, at which point Anne/Emma Furness connected these men to Kelso Lawyers and Jason Parkinson. Soon after the lawyers got their information they would have their homes raided in the early morning or the victims who wanted to come forward would get threatening calls from the police. This happened to victim Kevin Ginger who lived in Brisbane who was taken to court on trumped up charges in order to shut him up; the same thing that happened to Mark- who was then found in a coma straight out of getting out of jail.


Anne/Emma Furness and Nicky Davis introduced Kathy Devine into Fiona Barnett’s life. Lucinda Bartram/Ella Forbes accused Kathy Devine of drugging and raping her, holding her prisoner in her house at Greenslopes in Brisbane, stealing her evidence and phoning her psychiatrist Warrick Middleton to tell him Lucinda was crazy and that he should commit her to an psychiatric institution. Devine told Lucinda Bartram, Nicky Davis Fiona Barnett and others she was not a survivor of abuse but then suddenly changed her story and has now begun claimed that she HERSELF is a survivor. I believe that is because after the allegations came out against her- she needed another way to get survivors to trust her.

Lucinda said in an earlier email from 2015- that I published one year before Kathy Devine tried to sue Nicky Davis – that she would sue anyone who dared to oppose her and that she had a group of lawyers who would do it because they owed her, which she proved a year later when Kathy Devine tried to sue Nicky Davis for publishing what Lucinda Bartram accused Kathy Devine of doing to her. Nicky is wealthy and was helping to support Fiona Barnett–however this changed immediately after Kathy Devine tried to sue her!!

From what I understand about Australia- the majority of survivors cannot even get a lawyer let alone a FREE lawyer. A good example is Mark who couldn’t even get the government free lawyer, despite the fact that he was destitute.

So this all begs the question what “favors” do Hall and Payne lawyers owe Kathy Devine? Here is the letter Kathy Devine’s lawyer Luke Forsythe sent Nicky Davis.

Luke Forsythe- Hall Payne Lawyers

1800 659 114 or (02) 8338 8477

Locked bag 2013, South Brisbane 4101

I don’t know how it works in Australia but here in America if something is true and it’s in the survivor’s best interest to know that people are pretending to support them while lying to them only to drug, rape and steal their possessions – it is NOT defamation and SHOULD be said. The thing about it is – Lucinda Bartram wrote a load of emails that I have read saying exactly what Kathy Devine did to her and what she threatened to do to survivors. Here in America that is called evidence. Here’s some extracts from one of those emails which goes on and on listing all kinds of nasty details- including threatening to shoot Fiona and taking her kids in order to destroy her.

Real nice survivor advocate type of stuff, huh?


What I want to know is- why did Nicky Davis pull out of supporting Mark at the time she was needed the most- resulting in Mark’s arrest and consequent coma and death. She seemed to support Fiona Barnett and I know Fiona thought of her as a friend. But some incredibly questionable things happened while Fiona was visiting here for the Ivory Garden conference.

First Nicky missed her flight and couldn’t set up Fiona’s technical equipment that she needed for her talk as planned. Nicky organized conferences for a living and she traveled to Poland for SNAP so I find it hard to believe she missed her flight accidentally. Of course that didn’t stop Fiona who just had to take equipment from another room – with Pat Goodwin’s help and permission, although Goodwin claimed otherwise on her website

When Fiona came to Seattle- she and I had plans to get together but instead of coming to visit me as planned or visiting her folks in Canada – somehow Fiona ended up being set up and almost stabbed by some woman in Alaska – AFTER she was encouraged to go on a 4 hour hike alone on a mountain full of hungry bears in Bear Valley! To me- these were blatant examples of murder attempts. They were doing their best to get “rid” of Fiona.

I asked Fiona whose idea was it to go to Alaska in the first place and she told me it was Nicky’s idea to go see the glaciers way before some random person asked them to go up there- which is commonly called suggestion or NLP tactics. Personally, I wonder that Nicky ended up getting sued because the attempts on Fiona’s life failed and got sued as punishment from the pedophile ring.

Mark’s mom Deb holds Nicky Davis responsible for him going to prison for something he did not do for 6 months during Christmas as Nicky Davis promised to fund a lawyer for Mark after he was falsely arrested for defending his girlfriend against a gang of thugs who attacked them. It was after Kathy Devine tried to sue Nicky Davis that Nicky withdrew her financial support of Mark- claiming she had to protect her money because of Kathy Devine.

In fact, it was BECAUSE Nicky Davis promised to finance Marks lawyer that the Australian government lawyers said they wouldn’t supply a free lawyer . However, after Davis withdrew her financial support, Mark was left with no lawyer- resulting in a conviction and a 6 month jail sentence. He was killed shortly after being released from jail. Fiona hasn’t heard from Nicky since- despite Davis claiming she was Fiona’s “good friend” however, I can’t judge Davis because it is impossible in all of this to know who to trust. I don’t trust many people involved with this mess- and neither should Fiona in my opinion.

So this is an example as to how fake survivors, fake advocates and DID survivors who are under someone else’s control manage to bring down the real survivors instead of the REAL child traffickers like Belinda Abdy and the pedophile ring she obviously works for. And this is being done by the big name pedophiles who are too gutless to attack victims themselves.

People like Nicole Kidman- whose father Fiona accused and who consequently committed suicide. I was told that Nicole Kidman’s body guards said she was taking a “Scientology approach” to managing Fiona Barnett- which means trying to haul her into court for speaking up and attempting to throw her in jail or a psychiatric asylum. This is how it is commonly done – which you can see in the case of Fiona Barnett. And it is being done through people like John Holowczak, Anne/Emma Furness, Gordon Parsons/Myers, Kathy Devine– and maybe even her friend Nicky Davis.

This is the same thing that happens to survivors in America all the time. I am battling Doug Mesner/ CIA Satanist Lucien Greaves of the Satanic Temple who brags constantly how he is in league with my step-mother and her daughter. False protection orders were filed against me- although the long list of YouTube videos that I had published had NOTHING to do with the petitioners but rather SOLELY dealt with Doug Mesner . Then I had a pretend friend and survivor advocate turn up to visit and try to evict me from my home by trying to get yet ANOTHER protection order against me. This ONLY failed because I had police show up and escort her out of my house three days after she arrived. And the harassment against me has been constant- like having someone from Australia call my police and tell them I am suicidal in order to get me locked in an institution, having calls made to my local animal protection services claiming that I am starving and having sex with my dogs, and the list goes on and on.

And Mark is HARDLY the only survivor who has ended up dead. Co-founder of Ivory Garden Lori King- who went by the name Shadow- was murdered as a message to Pat Goodwin- and then King’s husband ended up dead less than a year later.

They are doing their BEST to cover up this pedophile trafficking BS and they will attack and try to destroy ANYONE who comes out against them. And you only have to see what survivors have to go through in order to see the truth of this. Fiona’s story is just ONE of MANY examples that can be shown as a BLATANT example of this.