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The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

December 8, 2021
MK Ultra
Project Millstone

by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

See the 12 chapters below for the whole book. Note that a copy of these files was found in the internet archive.

Further note that Fritz Springmeier and his wife were arrested by the FBI in the spring of 2001 whereby all their research material was confiscated.


Chapter 1 --     The Science of Victim Selection & Preparation

Chapter 2 --     The Science of Traumatizing and Torturing the Victim

Chapter 3 --     The Science of Drugs Use

Chapter 4.0 --  The Science of Hypnosis

Chapter 4.1

Chapter 5.0 --  The Science of Lying & Deceit

Chapter 5.1

Chapter 6 --     The Use of Electronics & Electricity

Chapter 7.0 --  The Science of Structuring

Chapter 7.1 --  most has gone lost

Chapter 7.2 --  most has gone lost

Chapter 8 --     The Science of Body Manipulation & Programming

Chapter 9 --     The Science of Mind Manipulation by Psychological Programming Methods

Chapter 10.1 -- The Use of Spiritual Things to Control a Person

Chapter 10.2

Chapter 10.3

Chapter 11 --   The Science of Internal Controls

Chapter 12 --   The Science of External Controls