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What happens to media that tries to expose the corrupt courts and pedophile judges

December 8, 2021
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Kangaroo Court of Australia

Australian journalist Shane Dowling has been jailed for publishing articles exposing paedophile judges and judges taking bribes. The exact charge against Mr Dowling is contempt of court because he repeated in court on the 3rd of February 2017 part of an article he had published and also for publishing an article about the contempt proceedings in breach of suppression orders.

Chief Justice Tom Bathurst has been trying to jail Shane Dowling since he sent an email to all the judges of the Supreme Court of NSW and wrote an article in September 2016 titled “Paedophile priest gets 3 months jail for raping 3 boys by NSW Supreme Court’s Justice Hoeben”. (Click here to read) In the email, which was also published in the article, Chief Justice Tom Bathurst was named as a known paedophile and 17 other judicial officers were named as known paedophiles or suspected paedophiles and allegations of judicial bribery were also raised.

Chief Justice Tom Bathurst had the NSW Police raid Mr Dowling’s unit in June 2017 and charge him for sending the email. The charge was withdrawn by the Commonwealth Director of Prosecutions on the 28th March 2018 as it was a blatantly malicious charge.

Mr Dowling raised a number of precedents in his last article which support why he shouldn’t have been found guilty as he was only exercising his right to free speech and political communication. Click here to read the last article: Journalist Shane Dowling to be sentenced to possible jail for criticizing a judge and Registrar Christopher Bradford

There are many articles on this website outlining what happened including the malicious police charge that was eventually withdrawn. Some links are below:

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Friends and family members will be looking after this website and Shane’s social media sites while he is in jail.

As further details of Shane’s incarceration become available I will update below in the comment section and on the KCA Facebook page and KCA Twitter account.

You can email your outrage and disgust to the federal Attorney-General Christian Porter at and ask him to intervene because what Mr Dowling said raising allegations of judicial corruption is political communication and protected under the Australian constitution as per the 1997 High Court of Australia precedent Lange v ABC. His Twitter account is @cporterwa and his Facebook page is: christianportermp

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